Space Within - Mindfulness Garden RHS Chatsworth 2019

Space Within  - Mindfulness Garden RHS Chatsworth 2019

The ‘Space Within’ garden is a biophilic meditation space in which to escape the hectic outside world.
The first moon gate represents a portal from the busy outside world, through which the visitor passes to the ‘Space Within’.
The central area provides a symbolic place which both offers and mirrors the healing, tranquil inner space of meditation.
A mini forest references Shinrin –yoku :  the therapeutic benefits of “forest bathing” or being among trees which enables wellbeing at many levels
A second portal at the back of the garden provides a view to flowing water and lush foliage, calming the senses and symbolising the energetic flow which follows a moment of serenity.
Textural foliage provides a lush green element that travels up the walls and brings the positive green element associated with ‘biophilia’ - the human need to connect to nature, which is much needed within modern urban living. 
Design by Rae Wilkinson
Living wall by TreeBox
Moon gates by Harrod Horticultural
Pebble seats by Barrell Sculpture
Decking by London Stone Paving
Construction by GK Wilson Landscape Services

Space Within 

Plant list

Malus evereste

Akebia quinata
Holbelia latifolia
Trachelospurmum jasminoides

Hebe Mette
Pinus mugo mughus

Living wall
Asplenium scolopendrium ‘fimbriatum’
Carex oshimensis ‘evergold’
Carex ‘ice dance’
Carex testacea
Dryopteris erythrosora
Drypoteris felix mas
Polysichum setiferm

Ground cover
Sagina subulata
Solerolia solerolii
Thymus vulgaris

Actea simplex ‘Hillside black beauty’
Achillea ptarmica ‘The Pearl’
Alchemilla mollis
Astilbe arendsii ‘fanal’
Astilbe arendsii ‘Bridal veil’
Astrantia major ‘Gill Richardson’
Astrantia major ‘Shaggy’
Astrantia major ‘Star of beauty’
Aruncus doicus Kneifii
Carex divulsa
Digitalis purpurea alba
Heuchera schneewittchen
Hosta ‘bressingham blue’
Hosta ‘praying hands’
Thalictrum ‘Elin’
Viola cornuta ‘alba’

Drypoteris erythrosora
Dryopteris felix mas
Dryopteris felix mas linearis polydactyla
Polystichum setiferum

Space Within Mindfulness – bringing the attention to the present moment
Biophilia – the human need to connect to nature
Shinrin yoku – the wellness benefits of spending time amongst trees


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