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Space Within - Mindfulness Garden RHS Chatsworth 2019

Space Within  - Mindfulness Garden RHS Chatsworth 2019The ‘Space Within’ garden is a biophilic meditation space in which to escape the hectic outside world. The first moon gate represents a portal from the busy outside world, through which the visitor passes to the ‘Space Within’. The central area provides a symbolic place which both offers and mirrors the healing, tranquil inner space of meditation. A mini forest references Shinrin –yoku :  the therapeutic benefits of “forest bathing” or being among trees which enables wellbeing at many levels A second portal at the back of the garden provides a view to flowing water and lush foliage, calming the senses and symbolising the energetic flow which follows a moment of serenity. Textural foliage provides a lush green element that travels up the walls and brings the positive green element associated with ‘biophilia’ - the human need to connect to nature, which is much needed within modern urban living. 
Design by Rae Wilkinson
Living wall b…