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Climatic planting

There are many conflicting and controversial theories as to why our seasons are so unpredictable these days. I am sure that human triggered climate change has as much to do with it as the basic evolution of the planet does. I have certainly noticed a marked change over the 15 years I have been working outside.

When I became a working gardener around the turn of the century we were experiencing long periods of drought. Consequently the planting palettes we worked with at the time were very Mediterranean and as the seasons also remained fairly mild, some more exotic plants were commonly used too. Over the years I have watched the winter cold spells both shrink and grow and shrink again, and I have watched drought turn to flood. Every year we watch groups of plants suffer and have had to try new plants and be more and more careful about what we use.

So where have we got to? Well its exciting in part, as we are thinking more laterally about our choices. Palettes have broadened sideways and…