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Living Landscapes : HUG Plant list

Living Landscapes : HUG Plant list RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015It has been a wonderful experience exhibiting this year at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show - if you have visited I hope you enjoyed the show. Here is the final plant list: 

Living Landscapes : HUG – Healing Urban Garden - Silver Gilt
Plant List Trees: Cercis canadensis Eucalyptus debeuzevilii 
Herbs: Lavandula Edelweiss  Lavandula Hidcote  Thymus broadleaf  Thymus Bressingham pink Thymus Citriodorus Thymus snowdrift Rosmarinus roma Rosmarinus officionalis  Salvia officionalis  Salvia officionalis purpurea 
Shrubs: Hebe Sutherlandii  Hebe Mrs Winder Pittosporum tobira nanum  Pittosporum tom thumb Pittosporum variegatum  Westringia fruticans
Perennials and grasses: Artemisia Powis castle Allium Sphaerocephalon  Astilbe Fanal  Deschampsia cespitosa Deschampsia pixie fountain Eryngium picos blue Euphorbia amygdaloidies purpurea  Hakonechloa macra  Nepeta walkers low Perovskia blue spire Salvia tanzerin Sanguisorbia  Stachys silver carpet

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015 - Living Landscapes H U G by Rae Wilkinson

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015:
My Healing Urban Garden with Living Landscapes

I am delighted to be creating a show garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this year, for their 25th anniversary year. The garden will be built and sponsored by Living Landscapes, an award winning landscaping company based in Horsham, West Sussex.

For me, having designed and cared for gardens for many years, creating a show garden brings the opportunity to be creative in a more imaginative way. The garden is entitled ‘H U G’ - an acronym for ‘Healing Urban Garden’. The design is based on the  idea that green space in an urban environment can be powerfully restorative. My intention is to create a place of escape and retreat, a sensory hug within a small and simple green space. The colour scheme has been selected for calming qualities, whilst the planting palette is a largely herbal, evergreen and low maintenance combination of scented and textural foliage. Planting is my passion and will b…