Space Within - Mindfulness Garden RHS Chatsworth 2019

Space Within  - Mindfulness Garden RHS Chatsworth 2019The ‘Space Within’ garden is a biophilic meditation space in which to escape the hectic outside world. The first moon gate represents a portal from the busy outside world, through which the visitor passes to the ‘Space Within’. The central area provides a symbolic place which both offers and mirrors the healing, tranquil inner space of meditation. A mini forest references Shinrin –yoku :  the therapeutic benefits of “forest bathing” or being among trees which enables wellbeing at many levels A second portal at the back of the garden provides a view to flowing water and lush foliage, calming the senses and symbolising the energetic flow which follows a moment of serenity. Textural foliage provides a lush green element that travels up the walls and brings the positive green element associated with ‘biophilia’ - the human need to connect to nature, which is much needed within modern urban living. 
Design by Rae Wilkinson
Living wall b…

Space to Grow - Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Space to Grow   Chelsea Flower Show 2018
I was delighted to be asked to create a visitor zone garden for the RHS at this year's Chelsea Flower show. The garden showcased the new show garden category 'Space to Grow' and provides information and ideas for visitors to take home - no matter how small your outdoor space may be.
Plant list and supplier / contributor information is all listed below.

The garden showed some simple planting combinations for sunny and shady conditions, both in the ground and in containers. I designed some bench seats for the space which are natural and simple and separate into 3 seats or 2 seats and a table for versatility. Contemporary terracotta bird feeders are  hung in the trees to bring wildlife into the space and tone with the corten steel.

The garden provided a place to sit and relax during the show while soaking up ideas.

Container gardening notes
Container gardening is accessible and enjoyable but I think there are some important guidelines …
Sensory gardensGardens as therapeutic space for everyone

Gardens are  by their nature sensory spaces. The combination of the textures, colours, smells and sounds of nature usually provide this naturally. We often talk about gardens being healing spaces, and by this we don't mean they provide a cure, simply that they create a notable lift in well-being whilst being used. A key element of a garden intended to create this lift in well-being is to include plants and materials which stimulate the senses.
While designing some gardens recently for the care environment and dementia care, my main considerations are:

-Tailoring outdoor space to provide welcoming, safe, engaging green space
- Creating the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air in natural, pleasing and useable surroundings
- Providing distraction and intrigue through sensory planting, features and surfaces
- Creating a journey through an outside space with places to rest and pause along the way

It is my firm belief that we can all …

A Breath of Fresh Air - plant list

The Abbeyfield : A Breath of Fresh Air  Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016
A garden designed for people living with dementia. Thank you for visiting the show - it has been a great success for my sponsor and residents have visited and enjoyed the garden every day. We all feel honored to have been involved with such a worthy cause. The garden will live on with the relocation to a care home in Kew next week. Plant list:Trees – Salix alba pollard (white willow)
Grasses - Calamagrostis overdam  Carex testacea Miscanthus grascillimus  Miscanthus morning light  Stipa tenuissima
Shrubs and Perennials - Achillea terracotta  Astilbe peach blossom Delphinium black Knight Geum totally tangerine  Lavandula angustifolia  Lavandula Hidcote  Lavandula twickle purple Mentha piperita  Pittosporum golf ball Salvia caradonna Thymus silver queen  Verbascum alba Verbascum Helen Johnson 
Hedge – Taxus bacatta 
If you like the Mobius sculpture and are interested in buying it or one similar please contact the sculptor James M…

A breath of fresh air

A Breath of Fresh Air There are few things more reviving than a breath of fresh air. Being outside in a green space can provide a sense of calm and well being, promote better health and even improve sleep patterns. When people are living with health problems, fresh air can be even more beneficial, especially if they have had to become fairly inactive or spend a lot of time inside.
The Abbeyfield Society : A Breath of Fresh Air Designed by Rae Wilkinson Computer visual created by Coucou Design

I am a firm believer in the healing power of nature and of beautiful places which provide space, a sense of escape, and some contact with nature.
When I design gardens I am always thinking of the emotional effect of the space on the people who enter it. How it will trigger the senses ...calm the mind .. Consciously or not people are usually affected by their surroundings and I see it as my job to stimulate some good feeling even just for a moment. The effect  may be of decompression, a momentary lift…
HUG Rae Wilkinson Design, Living Landscapes and Chaircreative created a soothing HUG at RHS Flower Show 2015
RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015 - Silver Gilt 
Living Landscapes Healing Urban Garden showed how a green space in an urban setting can be wonderfully soothing and restorative.
Pooling our design and build talents, the HUG team successfully created a soothing, sculptural, urban garden space. The crowds loved the colour and feel of the space and the focal bench brought the intended wow factor.
Planting was low maintenance, evergreen and predominantly herbs, providing a scented and naturalistic vibe to the space with hues of silver and blue.
The HUG bench was lovingly created using sectional high grade oak which was carved and bleached, and set on custom cast white concrete feet. Its a piece of sculpture, a wonderful seat and a statement piece for any garden space.*
Urbis supplied a Lily water bowl and three of their new style Olive Pots for display in the garden, which a…

Living Landscapes : HUG Plant list

Living Landscapes : HUG Plant list RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015It has been a wonderful experience exhibiting this year at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show - if you have visited I hope you enjoyed the show. Here is the final plant list: 

Living Landscapes : HUG – Healing Urban Garden - Silver Gilt
Plant List Trees: Cercis canadensis Eucalyptus debeuzevilii 
Herbs: Lavandula Edelweiss  Lavandula Hidcote  Thymus broadleaf  Thymus Bressingham pink Thymus Citriodorus Thymus snowdrift Rosmarinus roma Rosmarinus officionalis  Salvia officionalis  Salvia officionalis purpurea 
Shrubs: Hebe Sutherlandii  Hebe Mrs Winder Pittosporum tobira nanum  Pittosporum tom thumb Pittosporum variegatum  Westringia fruticans
Perennials and grasses: Artemisia Powis castle Allium Sphaerocephalon  Astilbe Fanal  Deschampsia cespitosa Deschampsia pixie fountain Eryngium picos blue Euphorbia amygdaloidies purpurea  Hakonechloa macra  Nepeta walkers low Perovskia blue spire Salvia tanzerin Sanguisorbia  Stachys silver carpet